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Say hello to the revolutionary new way to keep your kit dry

When you get wet,

where's your 'stuff' ?

Impact Proof

Drop It

Made of high-tech hardened aluminium and poly-carbonate - driPod can take it.

Depth Rated

Drown It

Depth rated to 40 meters - driPod will survive it.

Fits All Essentials

Take It

Fits all your essential ‘stuff' from your jeans pockets - keys, phone, cards + cash.

Proximity Safe

Proximity Safe

The only solution for modern car proximity dongle keys.


GPS Capable

With your Smart-Phone on you, you’ve instantly got the added safety of active GPS at all times.

Smart-Watch Functionality

Smart Functions

Unlock full SmartWatch Feature-set while you’re in the water.

You Know Where You Can Stick It ™

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